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International programme

An immersion in the French educational system

This immersion programme is intended for students, teachers and professional of education who want to discover or deepen their knowledge of the French educational system during 3 weeks.

ESPE LNF International programme May 2017 The French educational system

When ? From May 9th to May 26th 2017
Where ? ESPE Lille Nord de France in Lille/Villeneuve d’Ascq

Characteristics of the programme :

Duration of the programme : 70 hours

  • General courses (institutions, French education policy, pedagogy…)
  • Theme courses (languages at school, evaluation, migrant pupils, cultural diversity, secularism)
  • Placements in schools of the primary and secondary education.

Language : English or French (B2 level) depending on the proficiency level in French of the applicants.
Proficiency level in French for the internships in schools : A1

Architecture of the programme :

First week :
General courses : 10 hours
Preparation of the internship : 3 hours
Placement in a primary school : 15 hours (2,5 days)

Second week :
Theme courses : 3 hours
Feed-back of the first placement : 3 hours
Placement in a lower secondary school : 15 hours (2,5 days)

Third week :
Theme courses : 3 hours
Placement in a upper secondary school : 15 hours (2,5 days)
Feed-back of the placements : 3 hours

Validation : 5 ECTS
Tuitions fees : 350 euros / Free of charge for exchange students.

If you want to apply to this international programme, please download this form :

Word - 586.5 ko
Application application form for the international programme

*Application deadline : 1st December 2016 * Contact : international@espe-lnf.fr